Ever wanted to learn more about edge computing and its importance to the rapid growth of IoT? Yes?

Then, you don’t want to miss the Edge World Computing 2021!

The world’s premier edge computing event is finally here in Europe – your doorstep. It promises to be larger than ever. In particular, this year’s will be a hive of over 1500 attendees attending virtually.

Among that number, you will find end-users, industry leaders, SEO expert, app developers and more in the edge computing industry. That will surely satisfy your thirst for the next “big thing” of the internet and data decentralization.

The best part: you can attend the event FREE of charge!

Lots of virtual networking with people from the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania,  even a Canadian SEO expert is expected to attend.

So, what more should you know about this mouthwatering, first-of-its-kind gathering in Europe?

Keep reading to find out.

All You Need To Know About The Edge World Computing 2021

In this piece, you will learn what speakers will satisfy your edge computing appetite. Also, you will get a brief of the event.

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Most importantly, you will find why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

That said, let’s delve into the details.

The Speakers Gracing The Edge World Computing 2021

In all, this event will feature at least 100 speakers across various segments of edge computing. We won’t list all of them – you can find the full list on the host’s website.

Nevertheless, here are 15 speakers you can expect and their respective expertise/company:

  • Alex Choi – SVP Strategy & Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
  • Andrey Krendzel – Principal Researcher at Huawei Technologies & 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA)
  • Arpit Joshipura – General Manager, Edge & Networking, Linux Foundation
  • Brian Naughton – CTO and Director Network Cloud, IBM
  • Daniel Marco – Director General for Innovation & Digital Economy, Government of Catalonia
  • David Dana – Head of VC Investments, Disruptive Tech & Innovation, European Investment Fund
  • Jan Jongboom – CTO, Edge Impulse
  • Jeremy Morley – Chief Geospatial Scientist, Ordnance Survey
  • Jorge Velázquez Moro – Digital Director, Sanitas Health
  • Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya) – Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Max Lemke – Head of Unit Internet of Things, European Commission
  • Rob High – VP and CTO Edge Computing, IBM Inc
  • Roger Berg – VP R&D, Denso, Marketing Chair, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium
  • Pierluca Chiodelli – VP Edge Portfolio Solutions, Dell
  • Sachiko Muto – CEO, OpenForum Europe

Here are five speakers you should particularly look out for:

Brian Naughton – CTO and Director Network Cloud, IBM

Brian has worked in almost all parts of telecommunications. His career span over 25 years of work, from managing Group OSS Architecture at Cable & Wireless to the 5G/Telco software strategy at IBM.

Brian has contributed to the Edge computing world. One of such landmarks includes the development of ETSI’s Mobile Edge Computing group.

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Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya) – Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Satya has decades of experience researching information systems, cloud systems, and edge computing. In these years, he has attained a fellowship in the ACM and the IEEE.

Most importantly, Satya’s seminar led to the emergence of edge (or Fog) computing. So, in a way, he is the father of this innovative technology.


Jan Jongboom – CTO, Edge Impulse

Jan, as he usually calls himself, is a machine learning evangelist. He does live to the bill as he is a regular speaker across various IT forums.

As the CTO of Edge Impulse, Jan works on making machine language smarter. When that happens, developers across the globe will find it easy to devise solutions through machine learning.

Roger Berg – VP R&D, Denso, Marketing Chair, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium

Before Denso, Roger Berg was already an IT heavyweight. He invented/co-invented at least 8 U.S. and international patents. Also, he belongs to various engineering societies and committees.

In Roger’s time at Motorola and Sony, he developed cellular handsets and accessories for global consumers.

Now at Denso as VP R&D, Roger and his team are perfecting software development for vehicle technologies.

Sachiko Muto – CEO, OpenForum Europe

Sachiko is a seasoned international speaker. Her talks center around the influences of ICT and sociopolitical systems.

Currently, Sachiko oversees OpenForum Europe’s policies and strategies. Before OFE, she worked in public affairs in Brussels and London.

Visit https://www.edgecomputingworld.com/speakers to see the full list of the said speakers.

The Edge World Computing 2021 In Brief

The premiere event will run October 12th-14, 2021. Put simply, the whole exchange of ideas will take a max of three days.

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Beautifully, each day brings new spice. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Day 1 – Edge developers conference
  • Day 2 – Edge executive conference
  • Day 3 – Roundtables and workshops

Don’t fret; you won’t spend all the “72 hours” listening and brainstorming. Per day, the event will only take 9 hours of your time. It will start at 10.30 and end at 19.30 (CET).

Lastly, there are 9 sections per day. That will break clogs and make learning easy. That means you’ll only spend an hour per section.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Edge World Computing 2021

An Opportunity To Learn

If you are new to edge computing, this event is a perfect opportunity to learn. Industry leaders from different countries and top companies will be on the ground to dish snackable aids to get you started.

Say you are already into data decentralization, this event is an even more opportunity to see what more to learn. What are the global trends? What do you lack?

Perhaps you unearthed a recent finding with potential. This event is also the chance to let others know.

Imagine all the attention and guidance you could get!

A Window To Network With Others

Indeed, the speakers at this event bring tons of experience. That makes them role models of edge computing. Luckily, this is your chance to meet and probably exchange contacts.

Perhaps the speakers won’t be accessible. For an audience as big as 1500, the chances are high that another role model lies within that number.

Besides, this event is the first of its kind in Europe and the biggest from the host. So, rest assured that numerous key actors (sung and unsung) will be there.

So, this is your chance to meet your role models, discuss and network for future groundbreaking ideas.

It Is Free

This part is the sweetest offer. Imagine the knowledge, exposure, and networking opportunities this event holds. Even with all that, entry and registration are free.

If you had gone to a similar event, such would sure cost you. What’s more, this is the world’s premier event for edge computing – and it is free.

Don’t let this opportunity go without tapping into it. Register today and book your ticket.

See you there!