According to Google’s research on the role of visual complexity and prototypicality regarding first impression of websites, you have only 0.05 seconds to produce a good impression. That’s why it seems sensible to purchase the visual appeal of your project. It’s smart to choose a web site design company that can take creative approaches and generates refined solutions for businesses. Moreover, dealing with a top-notch web site design agency can donate to your brand awareness, competitiveness, sales, and customer engagement.

choosing a website design company
So how is it possible to find a good web site design company? Before heading to our tips for choosing a web design company, check if you’re ready because of this stage. First, make a set of your present business goals, define your market, and consider the problems which may have led you to definitely consider hiring a web site design agency (and exactly how you want to solve them). All this information will highlight of which stage you are and come in helpful when you’ll talk to a web site design agency. You will start.

Check lists on acknowledged websites
First, you need to do research and discover agencies that may be of interest. Clutch, Awwwards, Dribbble, and Behance are tried-and-true resources with directories of verified agencies and freelancers in the IT design industry.

Clutch and Awwwards are mostly aimed at evaluations, reviews, and constructive critiques. They may have lists of the greatest sites and design agencies as evaluated by independent experts. Clutch performs comprehensive interviews with clients than it agencies to ensure reviews aren’t fake. Awwwards gathers an unbiased team that evaluates websites and designers’ works. Awwwards also includes a directory of top designers.

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Dribbble and Behance are social networks where designers can post their works, from large projects on Behance to small screens on Dribbble (so-called shots). On Dribbble, you will get a designer who suits your taste or post an ad for a vacancy you would like to fill.

Dribbble and Behance feature not only independent designers but also web design agencies. You’ll find a company’s contact information, portfolio with reviews, areas of expertise (web design, web development, ecommerce development, UI/UX design), average rate, location, and much more.

Go to the website
The website is literally the face of a web site design agency. It should look interesting and credible. A web site design agency should deliver the best user experience, supported by smooth navigation. Keep in mind that all you see on an agency’s site can be implemented in assembling your project as well.

Browse the portfolio
A portfolio will highlight the professionalism and variety of skills a company has. But it’s sometimes a tool for cheating. While looking at circumstance studies, don’t be distracted by the beautiful UI only – trendy color schemes, micro interactions, and a good amount of animations. Consider three crucial elements:

Variety of expertise
Look at the companies and startups a web site design agency has made designs for. When the designs vary with respect to the industry, this means the agency uses a flexible method of meet each client’s needs. Take a look at the original pain points of clients and the ways the agency helped resolve them. Finally, another reason to choose a company is basically because they’ve worked on projects a lot like yours. Related experience is essential whenever choosing a web site design agency, as it will make it easier to allow them to solve your issues.

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UX design
To test the grade of an agency’s UX design, browse the websites in their portfolio and try the features they’ve added. There are some crucial facts to consider: the squeeze page experience, navigation through services, and if the aim of the website is clear. Everything on the site must be intuitive and clear.
Head to social media pages
The next thing is to see an agency’s social side. Have a look at their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. These are two sides of 1 coin that will let you know a lot in regards to a company. An example may be more informal and employee-oriented, the other more serious and business-oriented.

Facebook is the biggest social network and can provide a business flawlessly for promotion, raising brand awareness, and building trust. Facebook can reach any market, so every company has a page. On Facebook, focus on a company’s:

Interactions with clients
Everyday life in the photos
Corporate culture
Community investment
Contact info and address
A fully personalized page is another proof an agency takes its business seriously and uses its opportunities to the fullest.

LinkedIn is a specialist social media site where experts promote their experience and demonstrate their authority. Half of the traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn. Companies utilize this platform showing their work and entice both clients and talented employees. On LinkedIn, you should think about a company’s:

About us section and business story
Customer reviews
Consistency with posting and updating
Solutions to clients’ pain points
Brand hashtags and posts mentioning them
Team members (including skills and previous experience)
Contact info and address

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